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Just simple English that I would undertand because I have to present next week about different kinds of dating methods. Can anyone please briefly describe the theory of thermoluminescence dating?

I've googled it and stuff but still couldn't seem to get the idea of this dating method. Just simple English that I would undertand because I have to present next week about different kinds of dating methods. Thermoluminescence dating does NOT measure the amount of light energy trapped in the mineral's crystals, it actually indirectly measures the amount of electrical energy trapped within the crystals.

Finally, future areas of research and as yet, unresolved problems are discussed.

Can anyone please briefly describe the theory of thermoluminescence dating?

Heating the crystals causes the electrons to give off the energy they accumulated as light.

The scientists measure the light given off from the crystal using a thermoluminescent dosimeter, which can tell them how much radiation was given off. This process is used when radiocarbon dating can not, because atmospheric carbon is not able to interact with all crystals.

It is based on the principle that ceramic material, like other crystalline non-conducting solids, contains small amounts of radioactive impurities such as potassium, uranium, and thorium, which emit alpha and beta particles and gamma rays causing ionizing radiation.

Following death, however, no new carbon is consumed.I've googled it and stuff but still couldn't seem to get the idea of this dating method. And I know that it determines the date of certain artifacts or soil sediments by measuring the amount of light energy they have trapped in the mineral's crystals and that when the crystals are heated, the energy stored or released and stuff but I'm still not getting the idea of the process of dating or determining the age of a certain artifact. Simply put, all crystals have imperfections that can trap electrons.When the crystal was originally formed (through either heat or sunlight) the electrons that became trapped gave off any electrical energy they previously had.After a brief description of the philosophy of this application, various methods currently in vogue for estimating the accumulated radiation dose in sediments are described.A brief survey of these results obtained for various sediment types is included so as to demonstrate the range and promise of the TL method for dating Quaternary sediments.

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